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Innovative developers are creating waves of change with Web3.

Laonda’ s Goal is make the more worths through the good products and services . Sea waves are constantly moving, creating new currents. Laonda creates a product that succeeds with flexible entry into the market.

We will grow up with a strategy suitable for change and empathy for people.

Project Klang

Web3 based real-time communication infrastructure

Klang is a Web3 based real-time communication infrastructure

Users pay for the use of the infrastructure to use the services they want, and contributors earn rewards by providing media nodes. The operator strives to ensure that the maintenance of the infrastructure, the payment of the user, and the compensation to the contributor are carried out smoothly.

Klang follows the philosophy of Web3 and pursues decentralization, autonomy, and transparency, respecting the rights and responsibilities of users and contributors. Klang presents a new paradigm of real-time communication and strives to create a better Internet world.

Tafola, Pilates & Yoga

Pilates & Yoga

A real-time coaching platform that offers more opportunities for instructors and lessons for users.

Tafola is a platform that can be easily used by the instructor who provides the lesson. When learning pilates and yoga, it solves the space and time constraints that users can experience, the choice of instructors, and the operation of lessons with mobile apps and systems.

Enjoy private lesson while being coached by the instructor in real-time.